Terms of use for fans of House Brand fan page

At the fan page of the House Brand!

Our business is our passion. This is why we value partnership dialogue and openness, we take into consideration any comments and suggestions concerning the collection, styling and products that we offer. We treat our fan page of the House brand as a platform to share ideas, inspirations, opinions as well as a way to directly interact with our customers, which is why we strongly encourage its active use.

We want, however, any discussions taking place on our fan page to be conducted in a friendly manner, with respect for beliefs of other fans and in accordance with applicable standards.  Therefore, we ask all those who has liked us on Facebook to read and apply the following guidelines.

Thank you!



  1. We do not tolerate hate speech, and we will remove any entries that are racist, homophobic, sexist and/or offensive toward other faiths, beliefs or nations.
  2. We do not tolerate violations of the law - any entries inconsistent with the applicable standards and/or breaching rights of third parties, including copyright and intellectual property, will be removed, and if the situation so requires - reported to the relevant authorities.
  3. We care about the level and form of communication on our fan page so any entries that may be commonly considered as offensive or violating the norms of good behaviour, including sexist, pornographic, violent and/or vulgar content are not acceptable. Such entries will be removed.
  4. We do not tolerate trolling, hating and/or spamming. Such entries will be ignored or deleted so as not to limit other fans in the use of fan page and/or not to hinder the ongoing communication with the brand.
  5. We encourage you to post any comments, also critical, about our company. However, we oppose using slander and lies about us, damaging our image and reputation of the brand and/or its owner.
  6. Protecting the privacy of our fans is crucial for us. We will never ask our fans to publish their personal data, such as social security number, personal ID number or account information. Due to possible attempts to fraudulently obtain personal data, we strongly recommend our fans to be particularly careful when disclosing such information. Both their own and of third parties.
  7. Our fan page of the House brand is a place to interact with other fans and share views on our products and brand. Please do not post here any advertising or promotional material of other companies or brands.
  8. Our fanpage is open to everybody. Therefore, please note that any entries posted here will be available to all users. Please make prudent decisions regarding content made public having in mind your own safety and/or of your family members (e.g. protection of personal data), as well as of all fans of our brand on Facebook (e.g. protection from content unsuitable for the age of our younger fans).
  9. Administrators of the House brand fan page reserve the right to remove or hide any entries that violate the principles of these guidelines as well as any other content for which they will have reservations about compliance with the generally accepted norms and principles.
  10. Any other matters not covered by the above guidelines are subject to the general Terms of Use of Facebook available here
Aktualizace zásad ochrany osobních údajů!

Neustále hledáme nová řešení, abychom mohli lépe reagovat na Vaše očekávání při používání naší Služby. Respektujeme Vaše soukromí a dbáme na ochranu Vašich údajů, proto Vás v souvislosti s aktualizací provozu Služby žádáme o přečtení nové verze Zásad ochrany osobních údajů, kde uvádíme zásady nakládání s osobními údaji, rozsah jejich zpracování a práva a povinnosti, které v této souvislosti máte.

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů

1. Správcem Vašich osobních údajů je: LPP Czech Republic, s.r.o. Prosecká 852/66 190 00 Praha 9 DIČCZ26698714 (KRS) Městský soud v Praze oddíl C, vložka 88159

2. Pověřence pro ochranu osobních údajů můžete kontaktovat prostřednictvím e-mailu: dataprivacy@lpp.com nebo korespondenčně na výše uvedenou adresu;

3. Ohledně vašich osobních údajů kontaktujte prosím support.cz@housebrand.com;

4. Vaše údaje budou zpracovány na základě vašeho výslovného souhlasu za účelem zasílání obchodních informací (newsletter) o aktuálních akcích, produktových novinkách a službách souvisejících se značkami vlastněnými LPP (Reserved, House, Sinsay, Mohito, Cropp);

5. Osobní údaje budou zpracovány, dokud neodvoláte svůj souhlas s odběrem newsletteru;

6. Souhlasy můžete spravovat v sekci „Můj účet“, pokud jste registrovaným uživatelem našeho internetového obchodu.